Individual Coaching
For the lack of a better term, we use the term “Coaching”.Coaching is actually a strategy to help you achieve your goals faster.Khyati works as a Situational Performance Capability Coach to help you improve your performance in a particular challenging situation.Please click below to know about her Coaching Philosophy.
NEW!!Parent Coaching 
Parents and Teachers,Please Email me for a personal online workshop on learning and studying skills your children can acquire to increase their marks and get subject matter expertise!When put into practise properly, students are known to increase on an average of 10 marks!1500/- per workshop.Time: 1 hour.

Venue : Online – Skype or Workspace in Thane.

Available for a 1 hour talk
Please Email me for an informative talk on STRESS MANAGEMENT IN A VUCA WORLD.Mind-’O'-Matter Curriculum to be uploaded shortly.
Khyati Birla
Certified Personal Empowerment and Life Coach

Khyati Birla has rich experience in personal empowerment techniques.She helps individuals and organizations realize their potential.